Composite reinforcement bars ORLITECH ® BAR made of basalt fiber.

In cooperation with the foreign company GALEN, we introduce these bars, as a novelty, to the Czech construction market. This is one of the best options to replace steel concrete ladder reinforcement.

The ORLITECH ® BAR is a high-strength and durable basalt fiber bar with a diameter of 2.5 — 32 mm. This reinforcement is delivered in bars with a length of 2 to 12 m. The reinforcement with a diameter of 4 to 10 mm is also supplied in coils of 50-100 bm, which has the advantage over steel bars in faster installation and less connection. We offer bars in two variants, without surface treatment and with surface treatment, when the bars are covered in siliceous sand before stretching in the baking mold. This gives them much better properties when bonded to concrete.
The use of ORLITECH ® BAR composite reinforcement increases the lifetime of not only the concrete structures but also various building structures. It has high resistance to corrosion in acidic, alkaline and other corrosive environments.

High tensile strength (1200 MPa)
Low density (2.0g / cm3)
Low thermal conductivity (0.46W / m2)
Absolute environmental and fire safety

ORLITECH BAR composite reinforcement has undergone physical and mechanical tests at various universities around the world.

Possible use of composite reinforcement:

A — Civil construction:
Reinforcement of concrete structures
Reinforcement of foundation plates
Repair and reinforcement of concrete floors, brick and stone walls
Reinforcement and mainly the weight reduction of monoliths and structural elements

B — Construction and Agriculture:
In the manufacture of concrete barriers and filigree (thin-walled elements)
Reinforcement of concrete and anhydrite floors not only in industrial buildings
Reinforcement of concrete tanks, sewerage shafts and covers
Reconstruction and redevelopment of buildings and historical objects
Strengthening of water works and coastal structures
Construction of silage pits, gutter reinforcement and troughs

C — Road and railway engineering:
Reinforcement of road plates, motorways and airfield
Weight reduction and reinforcement of bridges and bridge structures
Reinforcement of retaining walls, road, railway banks and slopes
As part of concrete sleepers for trains and metro
Fencing and non-corrosion barriers

Comparison table of composite fittings and steel:

DATAComposit bar
Orlitech ®
Steel ladder - 550 concrete
Diameter, mm4-32 mm6-32 mm
Tensile strength, MPa1200550
Elastic modulus, MPa50-55200
Thermal conductivity, Wt/(m°C)<0,4656,00
Density, g/cm³2,07,85
Electrical conductivityNon-conductiveConductive
Resistance to corrosion and alkaline environment Very highLow
Fire resistance, °CDo 150Do 600
Magnetic characteristicsNon-magneticMagnetic